AI-Powered Security measures rolled out at Cannes Film Festival ahead of Paris Olympics

Cutting-edge security technology utilizing artificial intelligence is being introduced at the Cannes Film Festival as a trial run for potential applications at the upcoming Paris Olympics in two months.

 With approximately 40,000 attendees, including renowned movie stars, descending upon the Cote d’Azur for the festival from Tuesday until May 25, local authorities are employing 17 experimental cameras integrated with AI capabilities.

These cameras are designed to detect suspicious events or behaviors, as well as identify abandoned packages, weapons, and individuals in distress.

Despite the Cannes town hall’s request to implement this technology dating back to 2019, permission was granted only recently due to changes in surveillance laws enacted for the Paris Olympics scheduled to begin in July, as stated by mayor David Lisnard. 

Notably, Cannes already boasts the most extensive video surveillance network in France, with 884 cameras, roughly one for every 84 residents. In addition to the cameras, there are 462 emergency call buttons situated across public areas and buildings in the city.

Initially, there were concerns that the increased security measures for the Olympics might lead to a depletion of police resources at the Cannes festival. 

However, Paris authorities have assured the deployment of approximately 400 security personnel in addition to the 200 officers and 66 surveillance agents already present in Cannes. 

Furthermore, the festival has enlisted an additional 400 security guards around the primary venue, the Palais des Festivals, in addition to numerous private security agents stationed at various beach, villa, and yacht gatherings.