Iraq cracks down on unqualified individuals in cosmetic industry

The growth of Iraq’s cosmetic industry since 2003 has been notable, with an increase in centers offering cosmetic and orthodontic services. However, alongside this growth, there has been a concerning trend of unqualified individuals, particularly dentists, entering the lucrative market. As a result, regulatory measures have been implemented by the Ministry of Health and Environment to address this issue.

On May 6, the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced strict regulations barring dentists from administering cosmetic procedures such as mesotherapy, fillers, Botox, and other injections in all centers. This move is part of a larger effort to ensure that cosmetic procedures are only performed by qualified professionals.

To enforce these regulations, the Iraqi Ministry of Health has initiated a comprehensive inspection campaign targeting cosmetic centers in Baghdad. Official teams from the Inspection Department’s Private Health Institutions Section and the Public Health Department have been conducting thorough inspections to oversee the operations of these centers.

Sabah Nouri Al-Khazali, the Director General of the Inspection Department, highlighted that the inspection campaign has focused on numerous cosmetic centers across various districts of Baghdad. The inspections have covered a range of criteria, including professional practice licenses, adherence to health standards, infection control protocols, staff qualifications, validity of medical supplies, quality of equipment, safety measures, and civil defense procedures.

Dr. Hasanin Safaa Shabbar, the chairman of the Iraqi Medical Association, has raised concerns about the proliferation of unlicensed cosmetic centers in Iraq, noting that only a limited number of around 105 centers are officially licensed by the Ministry of Health. Dr. Shabbar emphasized the need for increased vigilance and stricter oversight in the industry to prevent potential complications and health risks for clients.

Overall, these regulatory actions aim to curb the influence of unqualified individuals in Iraq’s cosmetic industry and to protect the well-being of individuals seeking cosmetic treatments