Far-right favored as Dutch voters kick off EU election marathon

Photo: Channel8

Dutch voters began a four-day election marathon across the European Union, signaling a potential shift to the far-right in the EU parliament.

The sunny weather in The Hague welcomed early-morning voters, some eager to cast their ballots for parties like the far-right Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders.

One voter, Simone Nieuwenhuys, expressed her desire for change within the EU, particularly in tackling asylum and immigration policies. The election in the Netherlands, the first of many in the EU, is seen as a litmus test for the strength of far-right movements across the continent.

Geopolitical uncertainties continue to loom over the EU, with the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine still reverberating. The far-right PVV, which previously won national elections, is expected to lead in the EU polls, with a manifesto that remains fiercely eurosceptic.

As voters like Claudia Balhuizen turn out to cast their ballots, many see this election as a crucial moment to address pressing issues such as climate change and societal diversity. The rise of nationalist sentiments and euroscepticism in various EU countries underscores the importance of these elections in shaping the future of the European Union.