Iraq to construct three new dams in Kurdistan Region

A man fishes at the Sirvan River after the rains in the last few weeks increased the water level at the dams in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq on February 20, 2024. (Photo: Fariq Faraj Mahmood/AA)

The Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources revealed plans to construct three medium-sized dams in the Kurdistan Region.

Minister of Water Resources, Aun Thiab Abdullah, disclosed the efforts of the ministry’s technical committee to update the design of dams in Taqtaq, Dilga, Bakrman, and Mandawa areas.

These dams will serve the dual purpose of generating electricity and managing water distribution through the use of water absorbers.

While negotiations between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi government are still underway regarding the construction of a dam on the Great Zab River, the KRG is set to proceed with the building of the Bakrman, Taqtaq, Mandawa, and Dilga dams on the Khazir River, Little Zab, and Pishder areas. Research and design for these three additional dams have already been completed.

Looking ahead to 2022, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources for the KRG, Begard Talabani, announced a memorandum of understanding signed with Power China to construct multiple dams, including Dilga, Mandawa, and Bakrman. However, currently, only the Mandawa Dam is confirmed to be developed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.