Trump suggests tariffs on countries failing to curb undocumented immigration

Republican presidential candidate, former US President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump arrive at the home of billionaire investor John Paulson on April 6, 2024 in Palm Beach, Florida. Photo: AFP

Former President Donald Trump has issued a warning that he may impose tariffs on countries, including China, if they do not take steps to reduce the flow of undocumented immigrants into the United States. 

Speaking at an event in Arizona, a key battleground state, Trump emphasized the use of economic leverage to address immigration challenges without specifying the exact tariff amounts.

During the event, Trump highlighted the potential use of tariffs as a tool to pressure countries like China to cooperate in curbing illegal immigration. 

He stated that if elected, he could impose significant tariffs on nations that do not assist in reducing the influx of migrants into the US.

The issue of border security and immigration has become a focal point in the lead-up to the upcoming election.

 Trump’s remarks come as part of his campaign efforts against President Joe Biden, who recently implemented an asylum ban targeting migrants crossing the US-Mexico border.

Trump’s stance on immigration has been a central feature of his political agenda, and he has promised a tough approach if granted a second term in office. 

The former president’s comments underscore his commitment to using economic measures to address immigration concerns on the US southern border.