PM Sudani explores energy partnership with Chinese PetroGina Company

In a move to bolster ties between Iraq and China, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani met with the Executive Director of the Chinese PetroGina Company in the Middle East, Dai Houliang, and his delegation on Sunday. 

The meeting focused on enhancing relations with China, particularly in the oil sector, as part of the government’s strategy to strengthen economic cooperation between the two nations.

Emphasizing the importance of Chinese investment in various sectors, including oil, Prime Minister Al-Sudani highlighted the significance of the associated gas project in Maysan Governorate recently inaugurated by PetroGina. 

This project holds strategic value for Iraq as it aligns with the government’s goals of reducing gas wastage and boosting the manufacturing and fertilizer industries. Al-Sudani extended his appreciation to all involved in the successful implementation of the initiative.

The Prime Minister further underlined Iraq’s commitment to advancing gas projects as part of its economic development agenda, aiming to create value-added opportunities and job prospects.

 He outlined plans to offer sites for development to companies like PetroGina, including comprehensive energy projects encompassing oil and associated gas production, processing, power generation, and petrochemical refining.

Moreover, Al-Sudani expressed interest in exploring synergies between the Belt and Road initiative and the Development Road project, presenting an opportunity for enhanced cooperation with PetroGina. 

Iraq stands prepared to collaborate with the company on petrochemical endeavors beyond its borders, underscoring its commitment to environmental standards, investment facilitation, and workforce development through training centers and study fellowships.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and the Chinese company signals a milestone in bilateral relations, paving the way for a robust energy partnership that is poised to drive economic growth and industrial advancement in Iraq.