Real Madrid’s Ancelotti rejects invitation to expanded Club World Cup, citing financial concerns

Real Madrid's Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti lifts the trophy to celebrate the victory at the end of the UEFA Champions League final football match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, at Wembley stadium, in London, on June 1, 2024. Photo: AFP

In a recent interview with the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti made it clear that the club would not be partaking in the upcoming expanded Club World Cup.

Ancelotti voiced his reservations about the proposed format, highlighting FIFA’s inadequate financial compensation in relation to the club’s substantial value.

“Offering us the same amount for the entire Cup as what a single Real Madrid match is worth, which is around 20 million euros, is not acceptable.

Therefore, we will not be participating,” Ancelotti affirmed. He stressed that Real Madrid would stand alongside other clubs in declining the tournament invitation.

The expansion of the Club World Cup to 32 teams, slated for next summer, has sparked widespread concern due to the already congested football calendar.

Issues such as player fatigue and competitive imbalances have triggered deliberations across the football community.

Further complicating matters, the Professional Footballers’ Association in England has cautioned FIFA about potential player strikes if their apprehensions are not adequately addressed. As dissent emerges from various quarters, the future of the expanded Club World Cup hangs in the balance.