Iraqi Resistance strikes Israeli airbase with drone attack

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed responsibility for a recent drone attack on the Ramat David Airbase in northern occupied territories in a statement released on Friday. 

The group declared its intention to target Israeli positions in response to the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Since the start of Israeli attacks on Gaza in early October, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has been actively engaging in attacks on Israeli targets and American military bases in Iraq and Syria.

 These actions are seen as retaliatory measures against Washington’s support for the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

In response to Israel’s aggressive policies in Gaza, where the targeting of hospitals, residences, and places of worship has been reported, the conflict has led to the deaths of over 37,000 Palestinians, with a majority being women and children.

 The war has also resulted in the internal displacement of more than 1.7 million people.