Iraqi acting speaker of parliament stresses commitment to journalist protection, press freedom

Acting Speaker of Parliament Mohsen Al-Mandalawi reiterated his commitment to the protection of journalists and the freedom of the press.

He extended his congratulations to the Iraqi journalistic community, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, and the team at Al-Zawraa newspaper on the occasion of the 155th anniversary of Iraqi Press Day, commemorating the publication of the first Iraqi newspaper in 1869.

Al-Mandalawi paid tribute to the journalists who made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of press freedom, emphasizing the importance of supporting their families and recognizing the valor of those who reported on the victories and struggles against terrorism.

Highlighting the legislative authority’s stance, he affirmed their unwavering support for press freedom, the right to express opinions, and the protection of journalists.

Al-Mandalawi emphasized the crucial role journalists play as active and responsible partners in bolstering legislative and executive efforts, as well as in upholding the democratic process within the boundaries set by the Constitution and journalistic ethics.