Kurdish prison authorities tighten regulations on prison visits and inmate allowances

The head of prison reforms for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ihsan Abdulrahman, has announced stricter regulations concerning inmate visitations and allowances.

According to Abdulrahman, relatives of prisoners are now prohibited from bringing food and clothing to the detainees.

Instead, they are allowed to provide only 50,000 dinars for the prisoners, which will be managed by the correctional facilities based on the prisoners’ requirements.

Moreover, Abdulrahman mentioned that male prisoners can receive visitors on the third day of Eid, while women are not permitted to visit during the holiday period.

In Erbil, visitation days are segregated, with the second and third days designated for women and the fourth day reserved for men.

These new rules reflect the prison authorities’ efforts to streamline procedures and ensure the equitable distribution of resources among inmates.