US sees significant rise in Iraqi oil imports amid overall increase in crude supply

An Iraqi oil worker tends to his work at the Basra Oil refinery in southern Iraq. (AP Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel, File)

US oil imports from Iraq saw a substantial increase last week, according to data released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) over the weekend.

The EIA’s weekly petroleum status report indicated that US crude oil imports from nine major suppliers averaged 6.120 million barrels per day (bpd) last week, an increase of 363,000 bpd from the previous week’s average of 5.757 million bpd.

Iraq’s oil exports to the United States averaged 228,000 bpd last week, a rise of 102,000 bpd compared to the previous week’s total of 126,000 bpd.

The EIA reported that Canada remains the largest oil supplier to the United States, with an average of 3.974 million bpd. Mexico ranked second with an average of 987,000 bpd, followed by Saudi Arabia with 278,000 bpd, and Nigeria with 208,000 bpd.

Additionally, the United States imported an average of 149,000 bpd from Ecuador, 134,000 bpd from Brazil, 87,000 bpd from Libya, and 75,000 bpd from Colombia.