About Channel 8

CHANNEL8 is an independent contemporary media corporation, established in 2023 in the Kurdistan Region with its headquarter in Sulaymaniyah, the capital of culture. With a strong commitment to professionalism and technological advance, it operates through two television channels broadcasting in Kurdish and Arabic, a digital platform with content in Central Kurdish, Kurmanji Kurdish, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian, alongside a radio station and a dedicated research center.

CHANNEL8 provides its audiences with the most verified and unbiased information with a global perspective. It transcends political, religious, and geographical boundaries. It considers its duty is to be honest in its communication and impartial in its narrative. It wants its viewers, listeners and readers to receive the latest news and as much information as possible from all over the world

CHANNEL8’s journey begins in the shadow of the mountains of Sulaymaniyah and passes through the country of two rivers, connecting the present and the past and crossing the borders of the world with a glorious history. It gives voice to the voiceless and tells the untold stories of others to the world. At CHANNEL8, every endeavor is directed towards fostering a better life and a brighter future, where news serves as a catalyst for positive change.

We walk on the path of honesty, and that is our unwavering commitment.