Iraqi Supreme Court dismisses KRG PM’s election complaint

The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq has dismissed the complaint filed by Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, regarding the election process.

The court has also overturned his order to halt the operations of the electoral commission.

The Election Judiciary Board of Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council has decided to allocate five seats for various communities in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region.

Two seats will be designated for Erbil, two for Sulaymaniyah, and one for Duhok, as outlined in the letter from the Election Judiciary Board of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council.
The 100 seats in the Kurdistan Parliament are divided into the four provinces as follows:

38 seats for Sulaymaniyah

34 seats for Erbil

25 seats for Duhok

3 seats for Halabja

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court issued a verdict on February 21 that “will result in significant changes to the Kurdistan parliament and elections in the Kurdistan Region.”

One of the changes was that the court rejected earlier amendments made to laws regarding parliamentary elections and dissolved the Election Commission in Kurdistan. 

“The seat of the Kurdistan Parliament was reduced  to 100 seats,” one of the amendments explained.

The existence of 11 quota seats for communities (Christian and Turkmen) in the Kurdistan parliament was declared unconstitutional on February 21.