Iraqi federal court cuts Kurdistan parliament seats 

Iraq’s Federal Court on Wednesday ruled on the amendment to the Kurdistan parliamentary elections law and rejected the amendment. (CHANNEL8)

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a verdict that will result in significant changes to the Kurdistan parliament and elections in the Kurdistan Region. 

The court rejected earlier amendments made to laws regarding parliamentary elections and dissolved the Election Commission in Kurdistan. 

The Federal Supreme Court ruled as follows:


The membership of the Kurdistan Parliament will be reduced to 100 members.

The existence of 11 quota seats for minorities (Christian and Turkmen) in the Kurdistan parliament has been declared unconstitutional. 


The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission shall hold and monitor elections in the Kurdistan Region in the place of the Kurdistan Independent High Electoral and Referendum Commission. 


The Kurdistan Region shall be divided into no less than four voting constituencies. 


The Civil Status Directorate shall issue a voter’s card to any citizen above the age of eighteen, according to a form to be determined later, in order to prove the voter’s identity when voting. 


Changes have also been made to quotas for women members of parliament. The number of women candidates must not be less than 30 percent and the candidates should be organized to ensure the presence of women in parliament.